How it Works

My Environment Matters is a community based site where you can ask questions about anything that's environmental. That might be anything from how to grow herbs to how to dispose of used batteries.

Hopefully there will be someone that knows the answer and who will leave a reply to your question.

You can ask any question you like here so long as it is of an environmental type.

For example, you may have a question on sustainability or aquaponics. You can ask your question and people can respond to it giving their insights and help.

Questions should be specific and not too general. If you have a specific question you wish to ask about say Aquaponics then ask it but asking what Aquaponics means might be a little too general.

You should not post the following types of questions;

  1. Questions not of an environmental nature.
  2. Rants about a person or company that you don't like. It's ok to post a question that asks whether a certain companies policies are environmentally friendly.
  3. Abuse will not be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view. You can argue a point without getting abusive.
  4. It's been said that copying from an article is plagiarism but copying from many is research. With that in mind let's try and steer clear of the former.

Advertising is not allowed here. If you have a company or product you wish to advertise with us then you should contact us and we will be able to provide you with details or visit our Advertise page.

This site is free and takes a lot of time to administer and maintain.

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