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I have a 6000ltr tank which is filled from drainage off the roof.

I know birds poop on my roof but is there a way to cleanse the water in the tank making it drinkable?

By stephan
8/26/2010 6:25:37 PM

I'd say not directly as there are a lot of contaminates that are in the water even if you have a sieve at the top.

If your runoff pipe is one that goes from the gutter to the ground and then up again, this can be a breeding ground for a lot of nasties.  Also remember that the roof is not a sterile place as you say.

You could run the water through a filter that would get rid of all the pollutants and nasties, or you could boil the water first or even use a purifier of some sort.

A lot of effort.  I use our tank for toilets and clothes washing only and a second tank for the vegetable patches.

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