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I've heard a lot about organic food being good for you and also that it makes no difference.

All I know is that it's very expensive and I'm not sure what the extra money is buying me.

By Steve
9/26/2010 9:07:09 PM

Any crop, IMO, that is sprayed with a pesticide can't be good for you.  I think no matter how well you wash them, there is always going to be trace elements left behind.

On their own these pesticides are probably not harmful but given time you will ingest more.  Obviously these chemicals will leave the body and they probably won't build up to toxic levels but you are still imbuing them over and over again.

Organic produce doesn't have these so for that one thing are probably better for you.

By Urban Hippy
9/26/2010 9:11:26 PM

The best food you can get is the stuff you grow at home!  If you use natural products to get rid of pests then all the better. 

Chickens are a great way to get rid of soild pests though you need to keep them off your crops as well.  Not an easy task.

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