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My Cumquat tree has never had fruit.  It is about 3 years old, I feed it regularly and it is watered well.  There is new growth this spring so not sure what I am doing wrong.  It is in a pot, could that be the problem?

By mike
9/26/2010 10:19:51 PM

You may want to try a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content, one contaiing micro-nutrients with an NPK ratio of about 5-1-3.  Apply this on a regular basis, once a month, during the active growth season.

Try giving the tree more light if possible.

Check the root mass and repot using a well-draining medium.

By Drew
9/27/2010 3:36:07 PM

Is this a dwarf tree because I have had a lot of trouble with them as well.  I have gotten rid of it now in favour of a real tree which I am keeping trimmed.

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