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There are some pretty bad consumer products out there that are designed to simply waste resources so that you buy more.

What are some of the worst ones you have seen?

By brad
9/27/2010 4:40:46 PM

I hate those dish washing brushes you can buy that have the soap in the handle.  Normally you would only use a little bit for a whole sink worth but these nightmares use so much more.  I can't belive people buy them and then call themselves eco-aware.

By just me
9/27/2010 4:44:45 PM

What about those automatic soap dispersers for the home?  They tell you that germs breed on the manual dispenser handle but aren't you about to wash your hands with their soap?

Are they telling us that their soap won't clean your hands so you need a sterile handle?


By less wrapping
9/27/2010 5:20:25 PM

When you buy soap why is each individual cake wrapped in sometimes two or three layers of plastic?

We now buy soap that comes in a single box as its only packaging.  So sick of our need to have everything wrapped individually!

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