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Hi, we're about to start looking at solar panels for our home.

I was wondering what other people had considered when buying and installing them.



By travis
11/6/2011 8:50:48 PM

Apart from placing the panels so they get a maximum of light during the day, all year round, you should also consider the following;

  1. Size: the larger the panel the more output it will have.  So if you want to have a zero electricity bill then you’ll need to get larger panels.  If however you only want to reduce your power bill, or you have a smaller budget, then you should consider smaller panels.
  2. You should only ever use a CEC-accredited installer.  There are a lot of companies that will install the panels but who are not accredited and so will not understand how to place the panels so that they are operating at their peak efficiency.
  3. What Subsidies and Financial Incentives are available at the time of purchase.
  4. Your payback time for the system.  Solar panels have a life span and so you need to ensure that during the life of the panel, that they pay for themselves.
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